Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Banshee’s Call

I waited until a black hole swallowed Apollo
and then me to call on you
letting my voice erupt like a banshee’s howl
bursting forth from a dark cave
bouncing through a grid of steel beams
bringing glass castles to the ground

I sent smoke signals swirling languidly
into an already tumultuous Gotham sky
where the Hyades washed them away
patrolling the air space between you and me
extinguishing flames before they grew
preventing further fires from erupting

I buried my thoughts in a field of flowers
digging holes filled with Forget-me-nots
pulling their petals until truth was exposed
covering it back up with fertile soil
nursing hope to life with Persephone’s tears
then crushing it underfoot like a worthless weed

Finally, I bottled up the laughter from those days
tossing it to the murderous Sirens of the sea
and as it vanished, sailing out of sight
I wondered if you would attempt to retrieve it
wrestling those infamous mystic monsters
for one more chance with me.