Wednesday, September 5, 2012


(A haiku collection)

Tiny specs of soot
Settle on a sweaty brow
City fingerprints.


Walking New York streets
Transported to foreign lands
By strange tongues in my ear.


Small take-out boxes
Scattered on living room floors
Map out travel plans.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

City Heat

(A haiku collection)

The calendar turns
Heat clings tight to bare, moist skin
Singeing autumn dreams.


Russian bathhouse heat
Follows me through city streets
My sultry escort.


Pavement burns my skin
Searing deep into my flesh
Like our last good-bye.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Postage Stamp Addiction

Tenement walls crumble down on me
Scattered stones fill flooded wells
Urging roaring rapids forward
Down aged fissures into hell

A hell of postage stamp proportions
One constrained corner of a cube
On an island stacked tall with millions
Haunted by loneliness and solitude

Was she just as unforgiving
To the ancient beasts that tread her soil
Tossing chaos at quadruped creatures
Basking in their strife and toil

How foolish man must seem to her
Settling like swine into her squalor
Drunk off her balmy stench
Willing to toss her every last dollar

I look up from these debased depths
Light peeks through boarded up skies
Tempting me to claw my way out
From this coffin where I’m buried alive

But Manhattan’s mire pins me down
Stuck like a fly on a strip of trap tape
Wings futilely fluttering, trying to tear free
Realizing for certain I’ll never escape

For she enchants me like a demon
Intoxicated by her potent charms
Swooning in lustful adoration
Like a heroin hit shot in the arm

I try quitting her cold turkey
Watch life’s beauty start to fade
Rush back in a New York minute
Regretting I ever strayed

She’s like no other lover
Keeps me awake so I never sleep
Digging deep into my pockets
Her entertainment isn’t cheap

No matter the cost, I pay the fee
Offering my soul upon a platter
Whispers of back rooms with privacy
Discovered through underground chatter

Her hidden gems like sunken treasure
Buried deep beneath the streets
Tumbling down the rabbit hole
For “Drink me” and “Eat me” treats

Sliding further into a dream-like state
I question the tears I shed
A life without these blissful retreats
Is one I would surely dread

So I climb back into my magic box
With secrets I’ll never reveal
Lips spread wide in a Cheshire grin
Caught in this Wonderland’s web of appeal


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Banshee’s Call

I waited until a black hole swallowed Apollo
and then me to call on you
letting my voice erupt like a banshee’s howl
bursting forth from a dark cave
bouncing through a grid of steel beams
bringing glass castles to the ground

I sent smoke signals swirling languidly
into an already tumultuous Gotham sky
where the Hyades washed them away
patrolling the air space between you and me
extinguishing flames before they grew
preventing further fires from erupting

I buried my thoughts in a field of flowers
digging holes filled with Forget-me-nots
pulling their petals until truth was exposed
covering it back up with fertile soil
nursing hope to life with Persephone’s tears
then crushing it underfoot like a worthless weed

Finally, I bottled up the laughter from those days
tossing it to the murderous Sirens of the sea
and as it vanished, sailing out of sight
I wondered if you would attempt to retrieve it
wrestling those infamous mystic monsters
for one more chance with me.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Somewhere Over Skyscrapers

She landed on this isle
Blown by a twister from the West
No pup or shiny shoes on feet
Just a smile and unrelenting zest

She danced about the grid
Falling into cozy quarters
Encountering a spectrum of strangers
Unlocking doors to foreign boarders

There’s been no omnipotent wizard
Granting her every desire
She’s traded in a lot of hats
To find one that inspires

At times the brick road lost its luster
As hardships and greedy monkeys swept in
But she stayed her course and wrote it out
Finding her strength in paper and pen

Skeptics may laugh, call her a dreamer
To which she simply replies,
“I’d rather be swept up in lofty pursuits
Than regretful of paths never tried.”


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Hour Meals

My belly’s full of dollar deals
Happy hour specials made into meals

Shells stacked high on icy cubes
Sauces and creams if you choose

Hurry up!  Crack ‘em open, let ‘em slide
This seafood smorgasbord won’t last all night!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

What’s In a Word?

Poet?  No, Poetess!
The term implies sex which, yes,
I have.  It’s obvious.

A voice I give to prose and verse.
Whether it’s high or low makes it no better or worse.
It’s word choice that’s the moving force.

And, so I choose a word
With a double “s” that serves
To honor my feminine curves.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Love, that ever-elusive monster that you speak of,
Does not dwell within these hardened walls.
We do not cross paths in secret chambers.
I do not tremble weak-kneed when she calls.

Heed my warning, my lustful friend, and do not fall victim.
For her doting and adoration are flippant.
One moment she’ll warm then curdle your blood,
Claw your chest, dig your heart out, and rip it.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mess! Mess!

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Could be home to a little mouse nest!
Mismatched shoes, mounds of clothes --
Some of them soiled, some smell like mold.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Creating so much stress!
Baubles spill out of small treasure chests --
Some tarnished and old, some made of fool’s gold.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Can’t even see the top of that desk!
Bills stacked up, papers in piles --
Some past due, some waiting to file.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
I blush at what I confess!
Shake my head in disbelief --
Then step outside with a sigh of relief!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forgotten One

I imagine a musty corner cubical
Sat beside pink perfumed soap
Basking in bubbles leaked from your brain

Stored high up on sticky shelves
Next to boxes of morning blandness
Expanding intestinal walls to explosion

Swept under squeaky bed springs
Caught in grimy slipper fluff
Exploring Sahara crevices of sullied paws

Drowned coffee grounds plunged in a heated press
Tossed out with morning garbage
Roasting fragrant in smelly street cans

Fragile flowers preserved in manila walls
Forgotten like virginal wedding gowns
Sent plummeting over rocks to swim in shallow waters

I imagine tropical breezes and turquoise oceans
Shooting rainbows and lollipops like rockets
Through expanding skies of dripping tar

And watching the pitch shut out the warmth
I clear my clouded eyes of delusions
As you step nebbishly out of frame


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Agonizing twinges
Rocket up the spinal shaft
Paralyzing cerebral rhythms
Jacking up the kinetic path

Breath stops, heart flip-flops
Eyes close, cold sweat drops

Down furrowed brow lines
Hitting lips like liquid fire
Motor movements freeze
As lightning surges higher

Breath stops, heart flip-flops
Eyes close, body rocks

Pinched nerves send shock waves
Rolling through the core
Limp limbs give way
Crashing to the floor

Breath stops, heart flip-flops
Eyes close, vision lost

Gasps of air taken in
Tissues hug the ground
Clenched teeth barring me
From emitting any sound

Breath steadies, heartbeat evens
Eyes glaze, pain weakens

Puppet strings pull me up
From a puddle on the floor
Vertebrae lock in place
As pain slips out the door


Monday, May 14, 2012

Prelude To a Kiss

Lips stained red like ripe raspberries
Dripping sweet confessions in his ear
Long locks of fire lash his face
Exposing it to ebony’s keen stare

He pulls her in like corset strings
Breath flees faintly to the night
A sigh slips out inaudible
The scent of Jack so slight

Lashes flutter like fairy wings
Dusting coarse tufts of facial hair
Noses dance cheek-to-cheek
Lids lift open locked in a stare

Hearts hammer out harmonious notes
Prickles of anticipation surge up the spine
Soft petals part plump with dew
Hands pull fistfuls of copper twine

Shades shut out prying glances
He trespasses without a sound
Falling into her tender trap
They tremble like leaves on a bough


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alphabet Soup

Coils of covers mummify me
Past arms’ reach emptiness expands
Across cotton folds, concrete worlds,
And over glass ridden sands

A body there is meant to be
Erasing silence with comforting breath
That hugs my core quite hungrily
Filling this hole to its depth

But all I see in day’s first blush
When orbs skim the vast, cold air
Is an empty shell left next to me
A fading scent lingering in webs of hair

So now I fill that hollow grave
With words like alphabet soup
To melt the icy heart sick soul
Whose lips fell frozen and mute


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Trap

She stares into the mirror
At a plain and ugly face
Wouldn’t dare step foot on city streets
Without paint and hair in place

She scours beauty magazines
That tell her backside dimples need a cream
Starve yourself, skip dinner
Because objects in the rear are wider than they seem

She spends vacation time in hospitals
For a nip and suck off the hips
Returns to work looking caricaturized
With fat injected lips

She drowns her hair in peroxide bowls
To cover up the gray
While waxers rip body hair right out
So she’s as smooth as baby’s first day

She stares into the mirror
At a plain and ugly face
Brainwashed by impossible standards
Stripped of confidence and grace


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Eat your fancy box of chocolates.
Shove those stems where the sun don’t shine.
If one day for love is all you got,
You’re no true love of mine!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Lost Stars

Stars are gassed out in the sky above my head
A honeycomb network of electric dots fills the void
I find comfort in solitude, eyeing the chaos that I fled.

Worker bees wake up, bodies weighed down with dread
Funneling through tunnels that spit straight to cells
Stars are gassed out in the sky above my head.

Office speak encrypted in emails that no one read
From bosses perched on cushy seats with panoramic views
I find comfort in solitude, eyeing the chaos that I fled.

Drones succumb to office lobotomies, emptying their heads
Green buds sprout dreams crushed under the man’s shiny shoe
Stars are gassed out in the sky above my head.

Creative communities emaciated, talents left for dead
Swept to outer boroughs like rubbage to the wind
I find comfort in solitude, eyeing the chaos that I fled.

Freedom to foster fresh ideas and reject what’s spoon-fed
No longer a dancing puppet but conductor of my own thread
Stars are gassed out in the sky above my head
I find comfort in solitude, eyeing the chaos that I fled.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Understanding

He stands so stoic and strong
Never wanting to say good-bye
Knowing she is forever gone
But not really understanding why

Her struggles become his own
Never leaving her to fend for herself
Even now that she’s fully grown
All he wants for her is happiness and health

Distance makes it difficult
To lend his helping hand
Inability to act creates senseless guilt
More than he can stand

She’s always sought adventure
Welcomed impossible challenges, too
He’s always wished success for her
Never doubting what she could do

All his words filled with love and praise
Have pulled her through tough times
Always yearning to explore life her own way
Giving everything a solid try

He stands so stoic and strong
As the tears well up in his eyes
Knowing she is forever gone
Maybe someday he’ll understand why


Friday, February 10, 2012

Stolen Peace

Familiar features flicker past the peripheral of my eye
Like inkblots fitting the pattern of an ever elusive face
Muddled memories shepherd me among the strangers at my side
My heart ripping past my chest, urging body to make haste

Trudging through motley crowds, thick like quicksand
Foolishly trying to grasp the veil that shields truth in secrecy
Uncertainty billows up like smoke suffocating me where I stand
Uncovering this puzzle piece promises to set my mind free

Dancing between the masses in a game of hide ‘n’ seek
A zigzagging silhouette my target in this chase
No matter how close I get he’s still too far to reach
My thirst grows more intense as I struggle to keep pace

Darting down subway stairs to platform edge on tippy toes
Peering into packed steel pens for my thief to turn his cheek
Hands reach out, grabbing fistfuls of air as train doors bite closed
Left to forever chase that phantom down dark tunnels in my sleep.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Laundry King

Time for a wash ‘n’ fold
Water hot or cold
Treat that stain
Somewhat in vain
‘Cause even Shout
Ain’t gettin’ it out
Stuff it in
Watch it spin
Tumbling around
With a swishing sound
Then a rinse
All within minutes
Spin has spun
Wash all done
Time to dry
But not on high
Or in a blink
Clothes will shrink
Fabrics tumble
Dryer rumbles
Colors swirl
Like ferris wheel twirls
Open door
Duds fall on floor
Snap them up
Before catching who-knows-what
From grimy ground
Where germs abound
With a pat
Stack them flat
Stuffed in a bag
Clean garb’s your swag
Headed home
Chore is done!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fair Flower

Memories march on with the changing of seasons
Under an ombr├ęd canopy of midnight blues
Exposed flesh stung by salty sea breezes
Sending shivers that surge and rattle me through.

How long can one heart burn before losing its fiery heat?
Oh, to possess the shining stamina of space’s celestial stars!
But lives are like foam bubbles dissolving in a wave’s sullen retreat
Only the strongest, most resilient ones voyage very far.

Oh, to be as coarse as sharp seashells strewn on sandy shores
Caring not about the scrapes and scars inflicted on supple skin,
But turning cold and callous creates a creature even worse
Dwelling in icy isolation with a fate and future far more grim.

Refusing to fall asunder frozen tundra of glacial glue
Stuck on numbing my emotions like botox for the brain
Each morning I’ll wake a fair flower dressed in drops of dew
Petals seeking sunshine, growing stronger with each rain.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frozen Fortune

She lies forgotten on Gotham’s grim streets
Like a broken umbrella left in a cab’s back seat

With only a sweater as flimsy as a feather
To shield her from winter’s inclement weather

Wounds splay open, unable to heal
The pain they cause she cannot feel

Limbs numb and frozen like icy tree boughs
She spews sad confessions and futile final vows

Teeth chattering at strangers to drop copper in her can
So she may pay Charon for passage to Lucifer’s land

Her eyes like cold crystal balls revealing the end in sight
As this Inferno swallows her slovenly soul with its arctic bite.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Weather

(A haiku collection)

Our city of sin
Buried by Devil's dandruff
In a giant's dream.

Silent snow drifting
Pink tongue catching cold droplets
Before they touch ground.

Icy crystals seal
Dusted lashes frozen shut
Like cold windowpanes.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Bonds Unbroken

Unspoken words spit out on crumpled sheets
Strewn on the floor like evidence at my feet

Revealing pent up emotions, buried deep in a coffin
That begged to come out and not be forgotten

Of times when warm smiles stopped the rain
And heart-to-heart chats eased the pain

Sometimes a step back helps us finish the race
Not like a rat but with dignity and grace

You are not lost, out of sight but not mind
Bonds grow deeper with the passage of time

I hold you near, tucked deep in my heart
Next to fond memories so we’ll never part.