Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dirty Beauty Secrets

(A haiku collection)
Hides bags like a girl with a
Shopping addiction
Jar of Vaseline;
Crumpled, dirty tissues
Left by the bed
Place cool cucumber
Down on swollen skin
Not carry-on baggage


Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We dance in life’s masquerade
Knowing it’s all a charade
Masks on, smiles bright
Eyes reveal all, out like a light
Life is a masquerade!
And fake it we do
Partnering with a pleasantry or two
In an effort to appear sane
In this dance of pain
Life is a masquerade!
Hiding gut-wrenching truths
Afraid to let the marbles fall loose
Left exposed on the floor
For the world to trounce and ignore
Life is a masquerade!
A Phantom side of the face
Too dark and disturbing to embrace
Because ugly is something shunned
By a society on prescribed elation
Life is a masquerade!
But there are too many stories to tell
About this slow dance in hell
So these masks we pull back
Courage to tell our stories at last
Revealing this masquerade!
Ending this masquerade!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Night Caps

(A haiku collection)

He ordered Ginger
And whiskey before leaving
To play with fire

Too many dirty
Martinis on rooftops lead to
Penthouse bathroom lines

Tennessee whiskey
The honey in my tea
Sweet pillow talk


Thursday, February 27, 2014


These hands that know me well
Inciting a rapturous, sanguine swell
Shooting buds erect like bee stings
Electricity enveloping every part of me
Ah, to be alone and set so free!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

White Rabbits

For miles and miles it seems
Exceeding reality TV
Starless skies and soulless eyes
That’s what you’ll find
In this white rabbit hole
Of ulcer-inducing
Prescribed perfection
Bottled fresh daily
Addict’s special
Gobble ‘em up till they’re gone
What do you mean
There’s no more?
It’s been called in
This murder by white rabbits
That gnaw away
Till blood is drawn and bone is gone
Without those powdery, white pearls
No strength to escape
This echoing chaos in my head
Holding me down
In this white rabbit hole of


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Death Notice

R.I.P. red strands lying dead
Bleeding on pillows of this hospital bed.
Victims of life’s friendly fire;
Crushed by the weight in my head.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sanguine Trails

The artist in me strikes against the page
Words surging in a lustful fury
This mad, love affair dressed in red ink --
Our blood flows like one in unison.
She kissed my cheeks with rouge-stained lips
A good-bye as I leapt into a fiery, lover’s tryst.
When he burned me, embers still smoldering,
She held me to her breast, stroking my hair,
Leaving tendrils ablaze around my face --
Our hearts beating like one in unison.
Fallen, I danced at the edge of hell,
Flames lapping at my legs, engulfing me.
But she spat me back onto the warm, hard Earth.
Anger erupting at the core of me,
Spewing like hot, bubbling lava.
There she left me in her sanguine trail,
Shedding a tear into tempestuous, blue seas.
And I fell into her blazing sunset,
Flowing like blood into Nature’s veins
Where I searched for life again
In this lifeless landscape.