Sunday, July 31, 2011


Get up!  Get up!
It’s time to brunch
Get dressed so we’re not late
That scrumptious meal ‘tween breakfast and lunch
Every Sunday it’s a date

Hurry up!  Hurry up!
Pull yourself out of bed
Too much partying the night before
Not to worry ‘cause you’re about to be fed
If we can get you out the door

Sign up!  Sign up!
It’s a two-hour wait
At Clinton Street Baking or Prune
No time to waste; it’s already late
Lines grow longer after noon

Order up!  Order up!
Organic eggs served sundry ways
Are you craving sweet or savory?
Stuffed challah bread or rich Hollandaise
Biscuits dripping in delicious gravy

Drink up!  Drink up!
Bloody Marys all around
Garnished with olives stacked on a stick
Be careful as the first sip goes down
It’s a cocktail with a kick

Eat up!  Eat up!
Binging is so easy to do
Leave not one morsel on your plate
Excuse me, I need to visit the loo
Sick from this gluttonous state


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ass to grass
Don’t stop!
Jumping jack
Box hop
Face flushed
Squat 'n' pop
Feeling faint
Take a sip
Deep breath
Let it out
Tighten, tone
Body ripped


Monday, July 25, 2011

Cranberry Isles Couriers

Mail boats come
Back and forth they carry
Not just letters
But people they ferry
Across frigid waters
Back and forth all day long
Work starting at dusk
Not ending ‘til dawn


Friday, July 22, 2011

Alphabet City Summer

Scorching summer heat
            beats down
producing rolling pearls of
                                             salty dew
    on sun kissed skin
            speckled brown and hot
asphalt reflects
            watery mirages
imaginary pools
                             of sweat
light summer dresses
            clinging to damp skin
like cheese
     on an Artichoke pizza pie
in this urban oven


Thursday, July 21, 2011


With his smile and wink good-bye
My eyes spill streams of salty dew;
Fair flesh streaks black
The hours are so few.

Thoughts jumbled and words mumbled
Our strides quick on Alphabet Street;
Fingers lock binding hand in hand
I stumble, knees weak.

And horns holler and sirens scream
As we hustle on our way;
Past brunching tables and cupcake carts
Oh how I want him to stay.

And horns holler and sirens scream
But not a word escapes my lips;
For a farewell with such uncertainty
Strains my heart until it rips.

With his smile and wink good-bye
I watch him descend into catacombs out of view;
Warm tears burst forth like summer rain showers
Oh how the hours and days flew.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silent Heart

I lie with you on sandy shores
Together but still oceans apart;
Our bare feet submerged in warm mounds of sand
I stifle my tormented heart.

As our bodies bask in that bright, shiny sun
Thoughts linger through cool mists of ocean air;
Will you wait for me I wonder longingly
But these words spoken I would not dare.

And hours pass and waves crash
Your heart hitting my ear like a beating drum;
Children scamper by with buckets of sand
Off to a new adventure they run.

And hours pass and waves crash
My insides silently screaming;
The calm, warm smile spread across your face
Knows not what my aching heart is pleading.

I lie with you on sandy shores
Together but still oceans apart;
Hoping the day will come soon
When I no longer silence my heart.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Wash away the pain
that ebbs and flows inside me.
Pummel down on the hurt
that refuses to go.
Cleanse the sadness
that infects and binds me.
So that when you pass,
I will again bloom and grow.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Bed Invasion

Itchy, scratchy, pesky mites
Raiding Gotham overnight
Clinging tight to clothes and sheets
Leave old furniture in the street
‘Cause these itty-bitty biting bugs
Hide deep down in fabric and rugs
Waiting for nighttime feeding to begin
When they suck life from warm-blooded skin


Friday, July 15, 2011

The Seductress

I lie in bed, my body naked and flushed. The open window providing no relief from the sweltering summer heat. My mind empties, allowing the sounds from the street below to invade my consciousness. The blaring of incessant horns and impatient sirens assault my senses, putting my nerves on end. I toss and turn trying to escape the city’s clutch, but I’m only drawn further into its mania as a quarrel erupts between lovers. Their malign and scolding words echoing off building walls, entering my chamber, my sanctuary that no longer feels sacred, but dirty, covered with the smut and grime of the city. Dirty like the bum sleeping on the steps of Penn Station who reeks of inexpensive ale and self-defecation. Dirty like the cheap whore on the corner of Eleventh Avenue and Forty-Second Street who sells her soul to fulfill the carnal addiction of a stranger. Dirty like the dilapidated drug dens in Alphabet City that crawl with roach and vermin infestations.

Utter abhorrence.

Overcome with disgust, I cover my exposed skin, shielding it from the sins of the city. But, my flesh cries out to the temptress, freeing itself from the suffocating bondage of the blankets, unmasking its desire to mingle with the night life, revealing its yearning for the scandal and forbidden excitement contained on this enchanted island. So, I surrender myself to her mystifying madness like a tormented slave surrendering to her master. I surrender to her beauty, her charm, her exotic pleasures and promises of freedom. I surrender to all of her seductive whispers, and, suddenly, my mind is at ease. The cacophony outside my window no longer resembles a clamor of confusion, but the hum of life, pulsing through her veins, carrying on her spirit. And, with this revelation, she lets me sleep.

Sweet serenity.

~ kfu

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Invaders

(A haiku collection)

Scurry on the ground
Little, gray mouse invading
My warm home for food.

Dirty, cooing birds
Fluttering upon the sill
Ruin morning sleep.

Vermin run along
Rusty iron train tracks
In a game of chase.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kiss

Always kiss with the passion of a last embrace,
one final sweet taste of the ecstasy
that you want between you and me
because when your eyes flicker open to reality,
you'll know it can never truly be.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Morning Rush

Air gusting.
Wind whistles up the concrete steps of the Essex Street Station, alerting commuters to the approaching train.
Pace quickening.
Feet scamper faster down the narrow, congested passageway, nipping at the heels of dawdlers ahead.
Cards swiping.
Turnstiles halt momentum, blocking progression forward to the converging masses.
Metal spinning.
Bodies bound toward the tracks like coils springing out of a clockpunk creation.
Bells chiming.
Arms reach out to wedge open sliding steel slabs for one last straggling straphanger.
Doors shutting.
Shapes slump back onto the yellow, rubber platform edge, hands rest on jutted hips in frustration.
Train vanishing.
Curses spew like venom shot out at fading red taillights disappearing into an abyss of serpentine catacombs.
Watch flashing 8:46 a.m.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Manhattan, My Muse

Outside the city buzzes full of life and intoxication
Inside the heart freezes, empty with numbness and isolation
Bright, shining, streetlights dazzle and entice millions to stimulation
Vacantly dull orbs swell and pour forth painful realizations
On her shores there is promise to fulfill every whimsical desire
But only through enduring loneliness and denial
In order to conquer the city that never sleeps
One must be unyielding, callused, and never weak
Seize opportunities that appear at every subway stop and street corner
Shed the doubt that dwells deep within every bone cavity and muscle fiber
Dance with the frantic flurry of strangers fighting forth to their final destinations
Brush off the chips imparting weight and trepidation
This wonderland beats and weathers the meek like a skillful master
Rewarding unwavering persistence, commitment, and strength of character
Hear her tempest sirens singing to the dwellers of this concrete isle
Mounting confidence and determination igniting into a blazing fire
Embody her for she is what inspires
A muse both loathed and admired.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rain Falls On Manhattan

I sit, perched on a green leather couch in Future Tan
Waiting for a friend to get her New York tan
Looking out at the circus that is Forty-Second Street / Times Square
Through a water-streaked window resembling a tear-stained face
Droplets pound the pavement, disturbing dirt and grime
Frantic people rush from buildings under cover of the New York Times
A man without an umbrella or raincoat tries to hail a cab
They rush past, fast, furious, never slowing, never stopping
It’s 6:20 p.m.
Street vendors scurry to close collapsible carts carrying soggy pretzels and hot dog buns
Don’t Walk signals rapidly flash bright red for danger
A man sprints across the street, dodging murky swamps of muddled rain
A careless few wander off the curb, waiting, oblivious to their mistake
A cab flies by, splashing dingy water on Armani suits
The assaulted recoil, cursing and screaming inaudible screams
Onlookers point, snickering and laughing inaudible laughs
The man without an umbrella or raincoat stands soaked, still trying to hail a cab
They continue to rush past, barely breaking as they cut the corner curbs
It’s 6:30 p.m.
My friend exits her tropical paradise, flushed and confused
The activity below us unfolding like a scene in a Broadway show
Together we watch the sky close its eyes and weep on Manhattan


Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Lass Through the Looking Glass

Stare into this looking glass
Where images morph
As the sands do pass
Down the narrow passage of curving glass
Shifting along a bottomless sea
Of turbulent water
Filled with depth and mystery
Where you will uncover me
Where you will discover me


Friday, July 8, 2011