Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fair Flower

Memories march on with the changing of seasons
Under an ombr├ęd canopy of midnight blues
Exposed flesh stung by salty sea breezes
Sending shivers that surge and rattle me through.

How long can one heart burn before losing its fiery heat?
Oh, to possess the shining stamina of space’s celestial stars!
But lives are like foam bubbles dissolving in a wave’s sullen retreat
Only the strongest, most resilient ones voyage very far.

Oh, to be as coarse as sharp seashells strewn on sandy shores
Caring not about the scrapes and scars inflicted on supple skin,
But turning cold and callous creates a creature even worse
Dwelling in icy isolation with a fate and future far more grim.

Refusing to fall asunder frozen tundra of glacial glue
Stuck on numbing my emotions like botox for the brain
Each morning I’ll wake a fair flower dressed in drops of dew
Petals seeking sunshine, growing stronger with each rain.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frozen Fortune

She lies forgotten on Gotham’s grim streets
Like a broken umbrella left in a cab’s back seat

With only a sweater as flimsy as a feather
To shield her from winter’s inclement weather

Wounds splay open, unable to heal
The pain they cause she cannot feel

Limbs numb and frozen like icy tree boughs
She spews sad confessions and futile final vows

Teeth chattering at strangers to drop copper in her can
So she may pay Charon for passage to Lucifer’s land

Her eyes like cold crystal balls revealing the end in sight
As this Inferno swallows her slovenly soul with its arctic bite.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Weather

(A haiku collection)

Our city of sin
Buried by Devil's dandruff
In a giant's dream.

Silent snow drifting
Pink tongue catching cold droplets
Before they touch ground.

Icy crystals seal
Dusted lashes frozen shut
Like cold windowpanes.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Bonds Unbroken

Unspoken words spit out on crumpled sheets
Strewn on the floor like evidence at my feet

Revealing pent up emotions, buried deep in a coffin
That begged to come out and not be forgotten

Of times when warm smiles stopped the rain
And heart-to-heart chats eased the pain

Sometimes a step back helps us finish the race
Not like a rat but with dignity and grace

You are not lost, out of sight but not mind
Bonds grow deeper with the passage of time

I hold you near, tucked deep in my heart
Next to fond memories so we’ll never part.