Thursday, May 31, 2012

What’s In a Word?

Poet?  No, Poetess!
The term implies sex which, yes,
I have.  It’s obvious.

A voice I give to prose and verse.
Whether it’s high or low makes it no better or worse.
It’s word choice that’s the moving force.

And, so I choose a word
With a double “s” that serves
To honor my feminine curves.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Love, that ever-elusive monster that you speak of,
Does not dwell within these hardened walls.
We do not cross paths in secret chambers.
I do not tremble weak-kneed when she calls.

Heed my warning, my lustful friend, and do not fall victim.
For her doting and adoration are flippant.
One moment she’ll warm then curdle your blood,
Claw your chest, dig your heart out, and rip it.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mess! Mess!

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Could be home to a little mouse nest!
Mismatched shoes, mounds of clothes --
Some of them soiled, some smell like mold.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Creating so much stress!
Baubles spill out of small treasure chests --
Some tarnished and old, some made of fool’s gold.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Can’t even see the top of that desk!
Bills stacked up, papers in piles --
Some past due, some waiting to file.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
I blush at what I confess!
Shake my head in disbelief --
Then step outside with a sigh of relief!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forgotten One

I imagine a musty corner cubical
Sat beside pink perfumed soap
Basking in bubbles leaked from your brain

Stored high up on sticky shelves
Next to boxes of morning blandness
Expanding intestinal walls to explosion

Swept under squeaky bed springs
Caught in grimy slipper fluff
Exploring Sahara crevices of sullied paws

Drowned coffee grounds plunged in a heated press
Tossed out with morning garbage
Roasting fragrant in smelly street cans

Fragile flowers preserved in manila walls
Forgotten like virginal wedding gowns
Sent plummeting over rocks to swim in shallow waters

I imagine tropical breezes and turquoise oceans
Shooting rainbows and lollipops like rockets
Through expanding skies of dripping tar

And watching the pitch shut out the warmth
I clear my clouded eyes of delusions
As you step nebbishly out of frame


Sunday, May 20, 2012


Agonizing twinges
Rocket up the spinal shaft
Paralyzing cerebral rhythms
Jacking up the kinetic path

Breath stops, heart flip-flops
Eyes close, cold sweat drops

Down furrowed brow lines
Hitting lips like liquid fire
Motor movements freeze
As lightning surges higher

Breath stops, heart flip-flops
Eyes close, body rocks

Pinched nerves send shock waves
Rolling through the core
Limp limbs give way
Crashing to the floor

Breath stops, heart flip-flops
Eyes close, vision lost

Gasps of air taken in
Tissues hug the ground
Clenched teeth barring me
From emitting any sound

Breath steadies, heartbeat evens
Eyes glaze, pain weakens

Puppet strings pull me up
From a puddle on the floor
Vertebrae lock in place
As pain slips out the door


Monday, May 14, 2012

Prelude To a Kiss

Lips stained red like ripe raspberries
Dripping sweet confessions in his ear
Long locks of fire lash his face
Exposing it to ebony’s keen stare

He pulls her in like corset strings
Breath flees faintly to the night
A sigh slips out inaudible
The scent of Jack so slight

Lashes flutter like fairy wings
Dusting coarse tufts of facial hair
Noses dance cheek-to-cheek
Lids lift open locked in a stare

Hearts hammer out harmonious notes
Prickles of anticipation surge up the spine
Soft petals part plump with dew
Hands pull fistfuls of copper twine

Shades shut out prying glances
He trespasses without a sound
Falling into her tender trap
They tremble like leaves on a bough