Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sanguine Trails

The artist in me strikes against the page
Words surging in a lustful fury
This mad, love affair dressed in red ink --
Our blood flows like one in unison.
She kissed my cheeks with rouge-stained lips
A good-bye as I leapt into a fiery, lover’s tryst.
When he burned me, embers still smoldering,
She held me to her breast, stroking my hair,
Leaving tendrils ablaze around my face --
Our hearts beating like one in unison.
Fallen, I danced at the edge of hell,
Flames lapping at my legs, engulfing me.
But she spat me back onto the warm, hard Earth.
Anger erupting at the core of me,
Spewing like hot, bubbling lava.
There she left me in her sanguine trail,
Shedding a tear into tempestuous, blue seas.
And I fell into her blazing sunset,
Flowing like blood into Nature’s veins
Where I searched for life again
In this lifeless landscape.


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