Sunday, August 21, 2011

Coney Island

Time for an adventure
Hop aboard the “D”
Out to Coney Island for a $2.25 fee
Where treats and freaks await us
Famous Nathan’s hotdogs are a must
Load ‘em up with chili and cheese
Warm funnel cakes and spun cotton candy, yes please!

Take a stroll along the boardwalk
Play a game, win a prize
Lose your voice on a wild ride
There’s the wooden Cyclone coaster or colossal Wonder Wheel
Just be careful with the mounts and plunges you don’t revisit your last meal
Bang it up in bumper cars or Slingshot through the air
Plunge into the depths of Hell Hole, but only if you dare

Brighton Beach is buzzing with unnatural surprises
Bizarre bearded ladies, sword swallowers, and more
All await at the wacky world known as the Sideshow By the Seashore
Amusements are aplenty, they can last all day
Those who leave too early will wish they would have stayed
‘Cause curiosities continue to unveil long after dark
Like emerging creatures from the sea creeping into Luna Park


1 comment:

Evgeniya said...

This is fun, Kylie! You should contact Luna Park PR team to endorse this poem :D