Sunday, February 12, 2012

An Understanding

He stands so stoic and strong
Never wanting to say good-bye
Knowing she is forever gone
But not really understanding why

Her struggles become his own
Never leaving her to fend for herself
Even now that she’s fully grown
All he wants for her is happiness and health

Distance makes it difficult
To lend his helping hand
Inability to act creates senseless guilt
More than he can stand

She’s always sought adventure
Welcomed impossible challenges, too
He’s always wished success for her
Never doubting what she could do

All his words filled with love and praise
Have pulled her through tough times
Always yearning to explore life her own way
Giving everything a solid try

He stands so stoic and strong
As the tears well up in his eyes
Knowing she is forever gone
Maybe someday he’ll understand why



Mom said...

This poem looks like one I need to read to your dad. Beautifully written!

alicia said...

Wow...reminds me of my relationship with my dad fo many years.