Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Postage Stamp Addiction

Tenement walls crumble down on me
Scattered stones fill flooded wells
Urging roaring rapids forward
Down aged fissures into hell

A hell of postage stamp proportions
One constrained corner of a cube
On an island stacked tall with millions
Haunted by loneliness and solitude

Was she just as unforgiving
To the ancient beasts that tread her soil
Tossing chaos at quadruped creatures
Basking in their strife and toil

How foolish man must seem to her
Settling like swine into her squalor
Drunk off her balmy stench
Willing to toss her every last dollar

I look up from these debased depths
Light peeks through boarded up skies
Tempting me to claw my way out
From this coffin where I’m buried alive

But Manhattan’s mire pins me down
Stuck like a fly on a strip of trap tape
Wings futilely fluttering, trying to tear free
Realizing for certain I’ll never escape

For she enchants me like a demon
Intoxicated by her potent charms
Swooning in lustful adoration
Like a heroin hit shot in the arm

I try quitting her cold turkey
Watch life’s beauty start to fade
Rush back in a New York minute
Regretting I ever strayed

She’s like no other lover
Keeps me awake so I never sleep
Digging deep into my pockets
Her entertainment isn’t cheap

No matter the cost, I pay the fee
Offering my soul upon a platter
Whispers of back rooms with privacy
Discovered through underground chatter

Her hidden gems like sunken treasure
Buried deep beneath the streets
Tumbling down the rabbit hole
For “Drink me” and “Eat me” treats

Sliding further into a dream-like state
I question the tears I shed
A life without these blissful retreats
Is one I would surely dread

So I climb back into my magic box
With secrets I’ll never reveal
Lips spread wide in a Cheshire grin
Caught in this Wonderland’s web of appeal


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