Monday, July 11, 2011

Manhattan, My Muse

Outside the city buzzes full of life and intoxication
Inside the heart freezes, empty with numbness and isolation
Bright, shining, streetlights dazzle and entice millions to stimulation
Vacantly dull orbs swell and pour forth painful realizations
On her shores there is promise to fulfill every whimsical desire
But only through enduring loneliness and denial
In order to conquer the city that never sleeps
One must be unyielding, callused, and never weak
Seize opportunities that appear at every subway stop and street corner
Shed the doubt that dwells deep within every bone cavity and muscle fiber
Dance with the frantic flurry of strangers fighting forth to their final destinations
Brush off the chips imparting weight and trepidation
This wonderland beats and weathers the meek like a skillful master
Rewarding unwavering persistence, commitment, and strength of character
Hear her tempest sirens singing to the dwellers of this concrete isle
Mounting confidence and determination igniting into a blazing fire
Embody her for she is what inspires
A muse both loathed and admired.


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ahh..loathed and admired..isn't it our lives are like this..sometimes loathing, sometimes admiring..beautiful.