Sunday, July 31, 2011


Get up!  Get up!
It’s time to brunch
Get dressed so we’re not late
That scrumptious meal ‘tween breakfast and lunch
Every Sunday it’s a date

Hurry up!  Hurry up!
Pull yourself out of bed
Too much partying the night before
Not to worry ‘cause you’re about to be fed
If we can get you out the door

Sign up!  Sign up!
It’s a two-hour wait
At Clinton Street Baking or Prune
No time to waste; it’s already late
Lines grow longer after noon

Order up!  Order up!
Organic eggs served sundry ways
Are you craving sweet or savory?
Stuffed challah bread or rich Hollandaise
Biscuits dripping in delicious gravy

Drink up!  Drink up!
Bloody Marys all around
Garnished with olives stacked on a stick
Be careful as the first sip goes down
It’s a cocktail with a kick

Eat up!  Eat up!
Binging is so easy to do
Leave not one morsel on your plate
Excuse me, I need to visit the loo
Sick from this gluttonous state



Just sayin... said...

I love Brunch!!!!! Especially the mimosas at Essex!

Ferrell said...

Essex is one of my favorite Manhattan brunch spots!