Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Gift Of Enlightenment


Fear erupts suddenly from the depths of their bowels, causing a wave of nausea to wash over them in one, swift, sickening second – bodies tremble.

Confidence radiates threateningly from Her commanding figure as She scrutinizes the scared, shuddering subjects displayed in front of Her – body erect.


Panic surges forth, releasing a jolt of adrenalin to their bloodstream, coating the surface of their stripped skin with a saline sheen and filling their heads with a rhythmic thud that drowns out all other sounds – hearts pound.

Calm follows Her every movement as She skillfully and deliberately binds and restrains Her paltry victims whose perfectly pale and primed bodies beg for toying and disciplining as their lips plead for mercy – heart freezes.


Helplessness emerges as jaws are popped open and stuffed snuggly with gags while hands and feet are bound together tightly; arms anchored securely overhead, leaving them dangling languidly like puppets on a string to perform mutely for their mistress – blood drains.

Excitement springs forth like a feline to its prey, causing Her heart to pound, heaving Her chest up over the confines of Her tightly laced corset.  Her stern hand gripping and snapping a stiff, leather crop against the heel of Her black, patent boot.  Arousal titillating Her flesh as She soaks in the sight of Her sorry subjects – blood surges.


Pain shoots out like electricity from every nerve ending, causing their muscles to tense and tighten in a spastic dance.  Their bodies marked targets for torture, enduring smacking and jostling, prodding and poking like piƱatas at a sadistic party.  Both guy and doll sway to and fro, heads bowed low, hot salt water springs erupting forth, streaking red, roughed-up faces and raw skin branded with crimson colored wounds and welts – flesh stings.

Pleasure envelopes Her entire body, bringing Her heightened senses to a violent climax as She finishes off the unmasking of the pretenders – flesh inflames.


Respect surfaces and attitudes change as the humility and pain seep deep into the core of their badly beaten bodies – egos shatter.

Distain replaces infatuation as her subjects lie abraded and exposed on the cold, hard ground for the world to witness the rawness of their imperfections – ego soars



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