Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day

Disheveled hair and dress
O, what a beautiful mess!
Sleep walking into a sweaty state
Grunting, groaning, heartbeat soaring
Am I dreaming?
Am I dressed?
Yes, in yesterday’s clothes
The same as a day, two days, a week ago
Press rewind; repeat
Ready, set, go!
No, I forgot my shoes
Spent too many times hitting snooze
In a delirious, dreaming state
I scream, but do not wake
Run, run, run!
That hamster wheel
Count the fluffy, white sheep
Laughing in my face
As I struggle to stand
Time stuck still
If I jump, will I land
On two feet
In glacial waters
Flowing red across my chest
Am I dead?
No, but barely alive, at best.



Meeks said...

Love, love, Ky!!

Colin A. Samuel said...

Like. Love how easily you slide between types of imagery.