Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Hang Like a Hipster

Traveling into Williamsburg
All aboard the “L”
Are hipster teens in skinny jeans
Their vintage Converse are telltale

Indulging creative aspirations
Bret plays in a rock ‘n’ roll folk band
They just scored their first gig last night
Mel makes art with her feet and hands

If you hope to catch glimpse of them
No snooty wine bars for this crew
They play pinball in beer gardens
While chugging mugs of local brews

They buy organic at green markets
Attend prestigious schools
And pay rent with Daddy’s money
‘Cause real jobs are so old school

I’ll offer this bit of advice to you
If you’re looking to make the hipster cut
Don’t wash your hair or shave your face
Instead grow some scruff and a small gut


1 comment:

Marc said...

Nice Kylie-- I couldn't be a hipster; my gut's too big and I need to wash my hair at least daily.