Friday, September 30, 2011

Thanks To Mom

Thrice my mom has come to me
To nurse me back from surgery

For a knee, a back, and fractured foot
To city streets she took

Picking up meds, food, and a treat or two
To lift me out of recovery blues

Watching movie marathons together in bed
‘Til the effect of painkillers knocked me out dead

Forced to shower on a chair
My head in the sink to wash my hair

She stood by my side along busy streets
To offer her hand when I felt weak

None of these tasks were ever too much
To yield a complaint, objection, or fuss

Not every mother is as caring and strong
But, lucky for me, this is my mom!



David said...

Lucky to have a Mom like that, lovely flow to the poem and gratitude ebbs and flows. Very nice

AliciaPaulino said...


Mom said...

Okay, now I'm crying! You're so worth it all. Life has dealt you some tough obstacles to overcome, but you rarely complain. I so admire you, Ky!

Anonymous said...

Nice tribute to your Mom. She's a pretty good sister, too!