Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Frozen Fortune

She lies forgotten on Gotham’s grim streets
Like a broken umbrella left in a cab’s back seat

With only a sweater as flimsy as a feather
To shield her from winter’s inclement weather

Wounds splay open, unable to heal
The pain they cause she cannot feel

Limbs numb and frozen like icy tree boughs
She spews sad confessions and futile final vows

Teeth chattering at strangers to drop copper in her can
So she may pay Charon for passage to Lucifer’s land

Her eyes like cold crystal balls revealing the end in sight
As this Inferno swallows her slovenly soul with its arctic bite.



Mom said...

This is a well written poem, but a sad commentary on the state of our country right now. AMERICA NEEDS JOBS!

~~~~~~~ said...

Unfortunately, joblessness is a global problem, effecting not just Americans but a majority of Europe, as well.