Monday, January 16, 2012

Bonds Unbroken

Unspoken words spit out on crumpled sheets
Strewn on the floor like evidence at my feet

Revealing pent up emotions, buried deep in a coffin
That begged to come out and not be forgotten

Of times when warm smiles stopped the rain
And heart-to-heart chats eased the pain

Sometimes a step back helps us finish the race
Not like a rat but with dignity and grace

You are not lost, out of sight but not mind
Bonds grow deeper with the passage of time

I hold you near, tucked deep in my heart
Next to fond memories so we’ll never part.



Mom said...

Smiles will come to you again.
You'll never know exactly when.

And when they do, my precious child,
Your mother too will show a smile.

~~~~~~~ said...

Although rain may fall
This I promise you
My light shines too bright
For permanent gloom.