Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fair Flower

Memories march on with the changing of seasons
Under an ombréd canopy of midnight blues
Exposed flesh stung by salty sea breezes
Sending shivers that surge and rattle me through.

How long can one heart burn before losing its fiery heat?
Oh, to possess the shining stamina of space’s celestial stars!
But lives are like foam bubbles dissolving in a wave’s sullen retreat
Only the strongest, most resilient ones voyage very far.

Oh, to be as coarse as sharp seashells strewn on sandy shores
Caring not about the scrapes and scars inflicted on supple skin,
But turning cold and callous creates a creature even worse
Dwelling in icy isolation with a fate and future far more grim.

Refusing to fall asunder frozen tundra of glacial glue
Stuck on numbing my emotions like botox for the brain
Each morning I’ll wake a fair flower dressed in drops of dew
Petals seeking sunshine, growing stronger with each rain.


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