Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mess! Mess!

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Could be home to a little mouse nest!
Mismatched shoes, mounds of clothes --
Some of them soiled, some smell like mold.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Creating so much stress!
Baubles spill out of small treasure chests --
Some tarnished and old, some made of fool’s gold.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
Can’t even see the top of that desk!
Bills stacked up, papers in piles --
Some past due, some waiting to file.

Mess!  Mess!  Everywhere mess!
I blush at what I confess!
Shake my head in disbelief --
Then step outside with a sigh of relief!



Michael del Castillo said...

Ahhh, and a relief it is too to read that poem! What a fun breath of fresh air! Keep rocking the full spectrum of the human condition so those of us without the words can take solace in your own.


~~~~~~~ said...

Why, thank you, Michael! My poetry encompasses a wide spectrum of topics from the silly and lighthearted to the melancholy and reflective which I suppose is partly due to the fact that I'm inspired by a range of poets such as Shel Silverstein and Sylvia Plath. Fun poems like this one are always easier for me to write. Keep reading, and I'll keep rockin' out the poems!