Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forgotten One

I imagine a musty corner cubical
Sat beside pink perfumed soap
Basking in bubbles leaked from your brain

Stored high up on sticky shelves
Next to boxes of morning blandness
Expanding intestinal walls to explosion

Swept under squeaky bed springs
Caught in grimy slipper fluff
Exploring Sahara crevices of sullied paws

Drowned coffee grounds plunged in a heated press
Tossed out with morning garbage
Roasting fragrant in smelly street cans

Fragile flowers preserved in manila walls
Forgotten like virginal wedding gowns
Sent plummeting over rocks to swim in shallow waters

I imagine tropical breezes and turquoise oceans
Shooting rainbows and lollipops like rockets
Through expanding skies of dripping tar

And watching the pitch shut out the warmth
I clear my clouded eyes of delusions
As you step nebbishly out of frame


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