Monday, May 14, 2012

Prelude To a Kiss

Lips stained red like ripe raspberries
Dripping sweet confessions in his ear
Long locks of fire lash his face
Exposing it to ebony’s keen stare

He pulls her in like corset strings
Breath flees faintly to the night
A sigh slips out inaudible
The scent of Jack so slight

Lashes flutter like fairy wings
Dusting coarse tufts of facial hair
Noses dance cheek-to-cheek
Lids lift open locked in a stare

Hearts hammer out harmonious notes
Prickles of anticipation surge up the spine
Soft petals part plump with dew
Hands pull fistfuls of copper twine

Shades shut out prying glances
He trespasses without a sound
Falling into her tender trap
They tremble like leaves on a bough


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